Skirts The Most Trendy Wear For Women

When it comes to fashion and new trends,skirts of various styles are always in. Women of all ages admire and would love to wear them according to the season and trends. Working women prefer it in offices. The skirt is preferred by woman because it is suitable for all occasions whether formal or informal and even for the daily wear. In my view the pleated and the chic A-line skirts are ideal for lady workers. The color and print should be chosen according to the season’s demand. They are also greatly used in party but with some bold colors and floral or glittery patterns.

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Fur Fashion Winter Trends 2015/2016

Fur as a part of your dress code is grabbing attention this fall winter 2015-2016. Whether it be natural fur, artificial fur, red, green fur, outfits or fur details, all becoming a top trend this year and most out-class designers are using it in their winter collection for 2015 and 2016. So, if you love the fur garments or your garments are detailed with it, you got the best chance to impress your friends. It does not matter if it is artificial one or natural one you are using, both look amazing and the fact that fur is very warm, which means that it is obviously perfect for winter. Described below is a list of famous fur designs this winter by famous designers.

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High Heels Trends 2015

Every woman wants to be the most stylish and trendy, either it’s about her outfit or accessories. Foot wear is the second most apparent parts of one’s outfit which contributes a lot to enhance or lessen one’s personality. If shoes are worn according to the event as well as dress, it’ll boost your image up, and if its not so, you might be embarrassed among others. In women foot wear, there are a lot of styles in flat shoes and high heels, but high heels foot wears are the most stylish foot wear ever.

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Best Lip Gloss For Winter

Lip gloss is the most demanding makeup accessory for girls. Specially in winter, no handbag is without lip gloss. Every girl keeps one with her 24 hour. The best way to apply a lipgloss for better results is to keep your lips clean by an exfoliating scrub. The plain and smooth your lips are the better result you will get from the gloss. Most of these lipglosses are also available online.

Urban Decay Revolution High Colour Lip Gloss in Bittersweet, £15

The best thing about this Urban Decay lip gloss is its highly pigmented. A single application of the lip gloss makes your lips purple. The long stick of it makes application easy. Its best to keep your lips moisturized in winter. It lasts long. The mesmerizing vanilla essence in it makes it more alluring.

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David Canary All My Children Famed Dies At 77

Whenever we discuss All My Children, David Canary is the first name that comes to our mind. Always been an All My Children fan and specially the two characters played by David Canary of Adam Chandler and Stuart Chandler are the most memorable. David Canary had played both the characters so beautifully that you can not imagine that its the same man playing the two opposite roles.

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Manicure Pedicure Can Add To Your Style

Every girl wants to look good and stylish and does a lot for looking fashionable and hygienic but all of these efforts are fruitless if you do not take care of your nails well. Many times it has been observed that girls wear trendy clothes, makeup and try to impress others but their nails are so badly unhygienic that it really ruins their image. So to take care of your nails of hands and feet. Manicure, Pedicure are the best ways to protect and beautify your hands and feet.

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A 1,111-Carat Diamond Worlds 2nd Largest

Diamonds are forever….you might hear this quote that’s quite true. Diamond is one of the most precious stones in the world, whose value doesn’t depreciate as time passes. Its beauty doesn’t decline even after so many years. Diamonds are esteemed for their brilliance, purity, elegance and durability. Recently, a diamond of 1,111-carat has been discovered from Karowe mine located north of the capital Gaborone by Lucara Diamond firm. The discovered diamond is said to be the second big in size at the moment, the first one was discovered in 1905 in south Africa of the worth of  3,106-carat.

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