Oprah’s Endorsement Boosts Weight Watchers Stocks

Oprah Winfrey is a big name, an an epitome of trust and success specially in women related issues. Women in US and European countries crazily follow and trust her. And I believe that is why Weight Watchers has chosen Oprah Winfrey for their brand endorsement. WeightWatchers is a known weight loss company.

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Google Glass 2 For Businessmen In The Making

We all know about the long lost Google glass that was proved a failure commercially. After a few months of sale in UK, Google discontinued its production with the promise of coming back with a better version in future. Though Google has not announced anything about Google Glass 2 officially but the leaked reports suggest that Glass 2 is in the making and exist on FCC filing and its specially designed for businessmen.

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Samsung Galaxy S7 To Come in Three Sizes

Samsung Galaxy S7 is one of the most awaited Samsung smartphone to be released in 2016. The recent leak about the Samsung flagship is that most probably its going to be released in three different shapes and sizes. Yup! if you love the curved style smart phone like Samsung Galaxy “Edge” , Samsung Galaxy Edge is perfect for you.

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Successful Cloning of A Dead Dog in South Korea

A few years back cloning of a living being was just an idea pictured in the Hollywood sci fi movies. It was hard to imagine that something as weird and miraculous as cloning could ever be a reality. Today cloning is a possibility. Cloning of humans is illegal but not cloning of animals. South Korea is making headlines in the cloning of animals.

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Scott Disick Not Happy with Justin Kourtney Relation

Things seems to be heating up between Justin Bieber and Scott Disick after the apparent hook up between Justin Bieber and Kourtney Kardashian. It is said that Scott Disick has threatened Justin to stay away from his kids. Sources from all sides are conforming the news of alleged link between the 21 years old pop sensation Bieber and TV reality show famed Kourtney Kardashian.

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Most Trendy Nike Sneakers for 2016

If you are a sportsperson, jogger or a gymaholic, latest Nike sneakers collection for men and women is the most suitable one for you. Nike, Inc. has launched it latest Nike sneaker collection for 2016. Lets have a look at some of the best Nike footwear products for 2016.

1. Nike Air Huarache Ultra Sneakers for women

Nike Air Huarache Ultra sneakers are specially designed for women. Its stylish and comfortable both. This footwear comes in various colors and prints. You have a lot of amazing options to choose from. The upper part of the Nike sneakers is knitted with two color combinations. The Nike sneakers come in black and white pair and red and blue combinations. The durable rubber sole of both the pairs is of white color. One other comes in a stunningly vibrant blue shade with a rubber sole of white color. All of these have their own dignity and look.

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Samsung Galaxy A9 Review

Most awaited Samsung Galaxy A9 phone has finally been launched on an event in China. Samsung Galaxy A9 has a sleek and slim design. Other than a stunning finishing and stylish look, Galaxy A9 has a 6 inches big screen. So it can also be called one of those “phablet” family. Lets see what other special feature Samsung Galaxy A9 has.

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Did Kimoji App Really Messed Up Apple App Store

Kim Kardashian emoji app, most popularly known as Kimoji app is creating quite a buzz on Apple app store. All the kimojis are Kardashhian’s themed characters. iPhone users are downloading the kimoji app enormously. The kimoji app costs $1.99 per download. We have seen that users are giving mixed reviews based on 1 to 2 stars maximum. No one has ranked the kimoji app a five star till now.

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