Oscar 2016 : Who Will Win the Race of Red Carpet Fashion

Oscar Academy Awards are no doubt the most awaited and most celebrated awards of entertainment industry. Oscar awards 2016 are being held today with all the beautiful faces and handsome dudes, and a red carpet full of glitz and glamour. Check out what is the most dominating fashion trend on the Oscar 2016 red carpet. Would surely love to hear from you what inspired you the most.

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DiCaprio’s Doppelganger to Pursue Modeling Career with Ralph Lauren

It was almost the same time, last year, when a young Swedish boy caught world’s attention because of his uncanny resemblance to the Hollywood A-lister celerity Leo DiCaprio. Twenty-one year Konrad Annerud, Leonardo DiCaprio’s doppelganger, resembles the Leo of 90’s quite freakily. He shares the same facial features, face cut and hairstyle. Soon he is going to pursue a real career.

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Spring/Summer Shoe Trends 2016

Spring is already knocking the doors. The world of fashion is ready to set the latest fashion trends for spring/summer 2016. With all the glitz and glamour, the biggest fashion shows have brilliantly showcased the most top-of-the-line spring shoes along with other fashion accessories. Here are the sassiest and trendiest spring/summer shoes trends 2016. Are you ready to slip in?

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Is Gigi Hadid’s Flattering Street Style A Nod for Leather Pants in Spring?

Gigi Hadid’s latest public appearance was made on Tuesday in New York. The supermodel is quite famous for making street appearances in her voluminous and feminine styled dresses. Whatever Gigi wears, becomes a trend. In this most recent appearance, coming out of her hotel, she wore a classy, skinny fit leather pants in red.

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Grammy 2016 : How Celebrities Rocked the Red Carpet

Grammy awards are the biggest musical event in USA. With all the music craze and celebrities presence, what keeps audience hooked up madly to this entertaining event is the star studded red carpet with all their glitz and glamour. Here are some of the best and wildest dressed celebrities in Grammy 2016.

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Amazing Facts About Chinese New Year 2016

Monday 8 Feb 2016 marks the arrival of new lunar year in China. Chinese people all over the world are celebrating this ceremonious occasion. Though like the whole world, China also follows Gregorian calendar, but this traditional lunisolar calendar is the celebration of coming good fortune and honoring the ancestors. So when new moon and spring are on the edge, Chinese people celebrate this annual cycle. Here are some amazing facts related to Chinese new year.

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