A 1,111-Carat Diamond Worlds 2nd Largest


Diamonds are forever….you might hear this quote that’s quite true. Diamond is one of the most precious stones in the world, whose value doesn’t depreciate as time passes. Its beauty doesn’t decline even after so many years. Diamonds are esteemed for their brilliance, purity, elegance and durability. Recently, a diamond of 1,111-carat has been discovered from Karowe mine located north of the capital Gaborone by Lucara Diamond firm. The discovered diamond is said to be the second big in size at the moment, the first one was discovered in 1905 in south Africa of the worth of  3,106-carat.

The recently discovered diamond is yet to pass through many processes to determine its worth and price. The size of this latest diamond is like a tennis ball.

There was a time when it was a dream for one to have a diamonds but in this age it’s really common to use diamonds in jewelry and other accessories. It’s not only a status symbol but a sign of high taste of the person having it.Diamonds are mostly transparent but are available in various colors like pink,. Blue, yellow, black etc. You may choose any color you like but the most beautiful color is white (transparent). Transparent is actually pure diamonds as colors in diamonds are just due to impurities in it.

Diamonds are available in different shapes. You may choose any shape you like to have, but keeping in view that in which ornament you are going to use it. In fact diamonds are in various shapes  because of its cut. There are ten major cuts of diamonds i.e. round brilliant, oval, pear, Heart, princess,   asscher, emerald, cushion, radiant and marquise.

Today, diamonds jewelry is really in fashion and so many brands are designing very trendy and beautiful jewelry. Diamonds ornaments bring a spark and amaze in one’s look. Diamonds in bracelets, rings, necklaces and ear-rings look so elegant and graceful. Women dreams to be gifted by a diamonds ring especially on their wedding.

usually said that diamond is the best friend of a woman but now, it’s a good friend of a man, too. Diamonds are being used in studs/cufflinks and becoming famous among men very rapidly. Diamonds are also being used in gents watches.

Whenever you decide to buy diamonds for you, first get detail information about various types and cuts and brands of diamonds. Set your budget and then specify your most desired diamond, So that you’ll get the exact as you want. Go for a certified diamond, means a diamond examined by expert gemologist. They issue diamond certificate after testing and grading the diamonds. It points out all the qualities and flaws also, if there any. Any ways, use the diamonds in your accessories and make yourself high-flying among others.