Amazing Facts About Chinese New Year 2016


Monday 8 Feb 2016 marks the arrival of new lunar year in China. Chinese people all over the world are celebrating this ceremonious occasion. Though like the whole world, China also follows Gregorian calendar, but this traditional lunisolar calendar is the celebration of coming good fortune and honoring the ancestors. So when new moon and spring are on the edge, Chinese people celebrate this annual cycle. Here are some amazing facts related to Chinese new year.

Family Event

Unlike Gregorian new year, Chinese new year is all about family time and togetherness. Instead of celebrating on the streets, people arrange family dinners and love to stay indoors with loved ones.

Travel Nightmare

Chinese new year brings seven consecutive holidays in offices and schools. So, people in and out of China travel long to get to their desired destinations. Crowd of passengers on the railway stations and airports, because of delays in flights or trains, is quite a normal thing. This is referred as world’s greatest annual migration of people.

Rocking Red

Red is the hue of fortune. Streets and homes are decorated with red color. Red envelops are used particularly on this joyous occasion, to fulfill a ritual of giving money to the unmarried or youngsters by the married or senior people. Its also related to the good fortune in the coming days.

Year of the Monkey

Each Chinese year is associated to a Chinese zodiac animal. These animals include rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog and pig. Last year was the year of goat. And this year is being celebrated as the year of monkey. Those who are born in the year of monkey, are considered wise and clever.

Chinese new year worldwide

A great majority of Chinese people are living all across the globe. Chinese new year is being celebrated in other countries too, to commemorate the holiday. Even in New York schools are off today. Similarly nations like Korea, Vietnam, Tibet are also celebrating this Lunar New Year on Tuesday 9th Feb 2016.