Apple iPad Pro Review


A better and larger version of Apple iPad is soon going to hit the markets.Apple iPad Pro is specially suitable for businessmen.  Apple iPad Pro has 12.9 inches big screen. iPad Pro screen has 5.6 millions pixels. The device has also a retina display. That sounds quite thrilling. Lets have a look at some other interesting facts about iPad Pro. Soon its going to hit the markets all around you. You can also buy it online on

CPU Performance

So far as its CPU performance is concerned, iPad Pro is releasing with multi-touch screen with new A9X 64 bit chip that makes it faster and better performer than the previous Apple iPads.

Battery Time

You do not have to worry about charging it again and again after using as it has the long battery timing of up to 10 hours.

Apple iPad Pro Weight

With slim and sleek design, its is just over 1.5 pounds in weight. The device has a full size key board on screen and a separate key board in folding that also works as a cover to the device. A thin fabric protects this key board.

Apple Pencil

Other partner of ipad pro is Apple pencil. It works like a real pencil. Apple pencil has great writing and drawing capacity.

Apple iPad Pro Price

The starting price for Pro is 799$.


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