Apple Pay Money Transfer App in the Making


After the launch of Samsung Pay now we are hearing that Apple is in talks with various US banks for person to person pay service named Apple pay. With this money sending app all the iOS users will be benefitted and could send money through their mobile devices. Talks between Apple and US banks have not come to any conclusion yet but we hope to see such money transfer service through mobile devices in future. We are already enjoying this service by android pay and Venmo.

Samsung pay service is restricted to its few latest versions like Samsung S6 Edge, the S6, the Galaxy Note 5 and also in their future hardware versions. Though Samsung is a famous brand but this limitation of Samsung pay to these few devices is a draw back for Samsung pay. What are the limitations of the Apple pay lets have a look.Apple pay is also restricted to a few latest versions of iPhone not all of them. So not all the iPhone users are going to be benefitted by this paying service.

Like Venmo user interface, Apple pay would also demand user’s sim number or email address to send money. As Venmo generate revenue of 3% on making money transfers what will Apply pay earn from money transfer is not determined yet. Lets see when Apple pay service starts in the countries other than US as well. Would money transfer be as easy as Apple have claimed it to be ONE TOUCH AWAY and how useful it will be for iOS users. Time will tell.


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