Long Hair Styles for Girls


You can never have an impressive personality if your hairstyle does not suit you well. Especially when you have long hair and you do not know what to do with long hair. Not just that you must have a good hairstyle for long hair but you also must have an up to date hairstyle for long hair. Here is a list of some trendy hairstyles for long hair.

Wavy Hairstyles Perfect for Long Hair


Wavy hairstyles always look good on any kind of body. However, wavy hairstyles are always a better option for chubby faces. People with slim face cut can also have wavy hairstyle but having it in a layered fashion is a better option. The best advantage of having wavy hairstyle is that it increases the volume of hair and at the same time looks stylish.

Braided Hairstyle for Long Hair


Braided Hairstyle is always an excellent option when a person wants to look formal and casual at the same time. A large number of celebrities this year opted for this hairstyle. Braided crown is always a good option for sophisticated looks; however, if you want a casual look then French braid is a great option too. Another nice option for girls with long hair.

Messy Buns Beautify Long Hair


Messy Buns would be an excellent choice this year for women with long hair who want a sophisticated look. Messy buns hairstyle makes women look chic and fashion frenzy as well. Messy Buns also look great on women who have high cheek bones and narrow jaw lines with blunt features.

Blunt Bangs Hairstyle


Although blunt bangs hairstyle look good on shorter and longer hair length but it is a perfect option for hair with middle length. Bangs also look good on women who have wavy hair naturally. The best feature about bangs is that it covers most of the face thus making women younger.

Retro Bouffants Hairstyle


This fall retro bouffants hairstyle is a great option for those who are opting for kind of an older look. Retro Bouffants give strong vibes of 60’s fashion.   A large number of celebrities were wearing retro bouffants this year on several occasions.



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