Best Jerry Lewis Movies of All Time


When we talk of comedy movies and comedians of Hollywood the one name that instantly struck our mind is undoubtedly of Jerry Lewis. He is the real king of comedy in the whole world in my view. His comedy timing, his humor and involvement in the character makes him immortal in comedy. Whenever I feel sad, a Jerry Lewis movie makes my day cheerful. Lets have a look at careers best Jerry Lewis movies ever. As holiday season is near and soon we will be planning for Christmas celebrations, I would recommend you to go for some Jerry Lewis movies as it will turn your day more cheerful.

1. The Nutty Professor 1963

This film was written and directed by Jerry Lewis himself. The film is full of hilarious scenes like at the gym, his silly dance and many more.The film is a must watch and I recommend you to watch it if you really like comedies.

2. The Ladies Man 1961

Another really funny movie where Jerry Lewis has to live in a girl’s hostel,serving them and how he lives there in spite of his feelings of hatred for girls.The whole film is a must watch and you can not stop laughing once you meet this ladies’ man.Just go for it.

3. The Geisha Boy 1958

Another superb comedy that makes you laugh at each note.Each and every scene is praise worthy.The cartoony gags and the bath house flood is really funny and uproarious.Again for this movie I would suggest you to watch if you want to have fun time.

4. The Bellboy 1960

This is the silent movie of Jerry Lewis.But in spite of being mute in the movie,Stanley the mute bellhop creates many wildly funny situations to entertain his audiences.

5. The Errand Boy 1961

Jerry Lewis is playing a spy in this movie hired by the Para mutual movies studios to spy on the staff.Though he remains mute but the situations and expressions are really comic and entertaining.

6. It’s Only Money 1962

It is another entertaining flick with an interesting plot where Jerry Lewis is on the quest for the lost heir of the fortune and what happens in all this.The story is really interesting and a nice time pass.

7. Who’s Minding the Store? 1963

Jerry Lewis is playing a store owner’s daughter’s lover. The film is all about what he does to prove his worthiness for that girl and to fulfill this task he has to go through many strange asks like dog walking, flagpole painting and what happens then.The film is all about that.

8. The Disorderly Orderly 1964

This is a film set in a fancy nursing home where Jerry works as a ward boy.Many comic situations happen there.How in the efforts for maintaining order,the ward boy creates disorder and troubles for others.The film is a full time entertainment and forces the viewers to laugh and enjoy.

9. Rock-A-Bye Baby 1958

Like all other Jerry Lewis comic flicks,this is another highly comic film.Actually the film is inspired by Preston Sturges’ superlative comedy “The Miracle of Morgan’s Creek”.Jerry’s efforts to raise triplets babies creates funny moments and situations and entertains us.So go for it too.

10. The Family Jewels 1965

In this comic venture,Jerry has played seven different roles.Each role is significantly portrayed y him adding a lot to the movie.

These are just a few movies of him,beside these there are many other of his movies that are funny and excellently performed by Jerry Lewis.Though Jerry is not with us today but his movies and his entertaining capacity has made him immortal in our hearts.And he would definitely be remembered as a gem of Hollywood and king of comedy.


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