Best Places for New Year’s Eve Celebration


With all the good and all the bad finally 2015 is ending. Saying bye to 2015 and celebration of new year’s eve is on every one’s agenda. What are the best places to celebrate new year’s eve passionately. Here I have chosen some perfect places to have a great beginning for the new year.


A great place to enjoy new year’s eve and see spectacular fireworks on the famous red square. You can also visit the tourists spots like St. Basil’s Cathedral, Moskva River and much more. The crowd is huge that you can hardly stay there. But overall you will surely have a fun time here.

Rio de Janeiro

Copacabana Beach is the spot where you have to be on new years eve. Each year thousands of people gather on the beach to have a fun time with stunning show of fireworks in the Atlantic over the several floating barges.


In all the previous years, Paris has been a great place for new year’s eve celebration. Many historical monuments like Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe are decorated with lights and fireworks. But this year after the deadly Paris attacks, lets see how the people celebrate the eve of new year in Paris.


The best place to enjoy and celebrate new year’s eve in Sydney is the Opera House. Besides Balmain and Birchgrove are best places for families. Each year thousands of people gather around Opera house to view the spectacular fireworks show.


Like each year, Parthenon is the best spot to be on New years eve. Eye catching fireworks  will lit the whole place beautifully.