Bette Midler Is The New Marc Jacobs Face


We all know that Marc Jacobs most commonly selects his close friends and acquaintances as the faces for his seasonal fashion campaigns. And each time Jacobs reveals the face for the campaign on his Instagram. This year very surprisingly, Mark Jacobs chooses the 70 years old famous singer and actress Bette Midler as the face for his spring summer campaign 2016.

Lets see what Jacobs has to say about Bette Midler, “To this day, I still credit Bette Midler (unbeknownst to her) with a large part of my foray into fashion design,At age ten when I discovered the image drawn by Richard Amsel for her album cover, I was so instantly enamored by the silhouetted Bette in a black dress wearing platform sandals with a wedge of red curly hair that I recreated it on the back of a jean jacket with acrylic paint and embroidery floss and proudly wore it to school.”

In a recent post on Instagram, he posted Bette Midler’s photo wearing an over-sized coat with retro print and stunningly silver gloves. The lady is looking gorgeous.

bette midler
Bette Midler