Amazing Facts About Chinese New Year 2016

Monday 8 Feb 2016 marks the arrival of new lunar year in China. Chinese people all over the world are celebrating this ceremonious occasion. Though like the whole world, China also follows Gregorian calendar, but this traditional lunisolar calendar is the celebration of coming good fortune and honoring the ancestors. So when new moon and spring are on the edge, Chinese people celebrate this annual cycle. Here are some amazing facts related to Chinese new year.

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CES 2016 : Samsung Launches Ultra Light Weight Tablets And Notebooks

CES 2016 has displayed the wildest and the weirdest of gadgets and techno devices. Samsung has proudly introduced a couple of ultra-lightweight tablet and notebook. Both Samsung devices will be available in a few months. Price details are not delivered yet. Samsung devices at CES 2016 include a Samsung Notebook, 9 series  and Galaxy TabPro S tablet.

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Gold Coated Champagne Doughnut In 100$

All the doughnut lovers out there. Here comes a uniquely beautiful gold doughnut in 100$. 100$ for a doughnut is too much but for a gold coated champagne doughnut, not a big deal. A Filipino restaurant in Williamsburg, Brooklyn is creating this yummy doughnut with gold flakes. The owners are also promoting their gold coated doughnut on Instagram. People enjoyed these gold coated champagne doughnut on New year eve and shared it on their public profiles too.

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New Britain coins To Feature Shakespeare And Beatrix Potter

Royal Mint is designing new currency in 2016 to celebrate the past 1,000 years of Britain. Other than seven Britain coins with Queen’s latest portrait over it, Royal Mint has designed new Britain coins with the images from Shakespearean plays and the ever inspiring stories of Beatrix Potter.

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Man Dressed As Christmas Tree in Tokyo

Christmas trend and fever is increasing passionately day by day. People all around the globe are planning the best ways for Christmas Cheer. Today’s story is about a British man named Joseph Tame. Joseph Tame, a Japan based Chief Wild Life Officer, inventor, marathon runner. Though he is settled in Japan and this year he is being seen in the unique guise of a Christmas tree. Yeah! fully dressed up like a Christmas tree with lights and all the decoration.

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Fashion Santa At Yorkdale Mall Canada

Paul Mason, a model by profession is working in fashion industry since 30 years. This Christmas Paul Mason has taken the avatar of FASHION SANTA or modern Santa Claus. He has come up with a stylish and handsome Santa avatar with trimmed beard, angular cheeks and classy winter outfits unlike the image of the traditional Santa. This is the second year of Paul Mason as fashion Santa.

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Family Christmas Gift Exchange Ideas

Christmas is an occasion where not only members of family but also friends and many other relatives also get together with each other. Christmas Gift exchange also takes place at this occasion and purchasing gifts for all of the relatives and friends can empty your pockets. There are many Christmas gift exchange ideas that can make the process easier for you. Buying a gift is also something very important as sometimes gifts that we receive or send are not useful hence it proves total wastage of time and money. lets look at some Christmas gift exchange ideas in which every individual in the house receives gift of his/her own choice and you don’t have to even worry about that.

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