Charlie Sheen to Announce He Is HIV Positive


Always in news, always controversial Charlie Sheen famous TV and movie star, is again here for making news. The people close to him have revealed that Charlie Sheen is going to announce his being HIV positive on the show Today with Matt Lauer. The show is going to be aired today on Tuesday 17 Nov 2015. Charle Sheen is already making quite a waves in the social media.

Charlie’s ex wife Denise Richards has also confirmed the news. Denis Richards knew about his HIV diagnosis long time back when it was diagnosed. But she has also confirmed that she and her two daughters are not infected of HIV as she was already divorced with Charlie Sheen.

For now it is being said that Charlie is taking extra precautions for security. No one is allowed to enter his residence without permission. No cell phones are allowed there. Its surely going to be very tough time for Charlie. Before this day Charlie has been spending extravagantly to keep the news of his diagnosis of HIV secret.

His medication for HIV is going on. The most terrifying fact about this matter is that after the diagnosis, Charlie has been with numerous women and none of them have known about his HIV virus. That is unfair of him. Lets see how the world and his fans are going to response over this big news.