Cool Front Row Fashion Trends to Follow this Year


Like each year, this year has also a lot to offer to the fashion forward people, all over the world. Here are some of the best front row fashion trends that have nailed it in the fashion runways as well as in high social circles. Lets have a look and decide, which one would you love to add to your fashion wardrobe.

The Frayed-Hem Jeans

Jeans are always among the front row fashion trends, but its style and types are always evolving. Sometimes they are high-waist, skinny or ripped. The latest jeans are with frayed-hem. What do they look like? They are about two inches above the ankles and with raw edges. To make it more glamorous, pair it with pointy ankle boats.

Latest World Trend |front row fashion trends

The Loafers

Loafers were once confined to the royals and high society. But these are getting common these days. Fashion models, fashion designers and even celebrities are being seen wearing loafers, which proves it to be one of the front row fashion trends. Like we have seen Leonardo DiCaprio in ‘Wolf of Wall Street’, wearing loafers or Matt Demon in ‘The Talented Mr. Ripley’. Even its getting more common part of the office attire these days. To get the best of them, go check out the Gucci loafers for F/W16/17.

Latest World Trend |front row fashion trends

Polo Neck

Polo necks are trendy always. A winter fashion wardrobe is incomplete without it. This year you will see polo necks in a more unique style. The longer a polo neck is the hotter it looks. Do not fold it over instead wear it with high neck straight up to get a stunning new look.

Latest World Trend |front row fashion trendsLatest World Trend |front row fashion trends

White Shoes

Earlier, it was the beige or skin color, that we normally used to prefer. Because it went great with each outfit. But this season, its more about whites. Especially the flat white trainers are quite trendy this season and help giving a cool and chic look. Whether you wear it with skirt or a baggy, high edged trousers, it looks great.

Latest World Trend |front row fashion trendsLatest World Trend |front row fashion trends

This year fashion is more about the combining of the party wear with the gym kit. Like we often see many celebrities like Justin Bieber or most recently, Kanye West in Paris fashion Week. Where he sat in the front row clad in a hip-hop cult hoddie, ripped jeans and quite rough looking shoes. So the more you fuse in to experiment, the better it gets.


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