Drew Barrymore Expanding Flower Cosmetics Sale Plan


Drew Berry more is better known for her talent in the field of acting and writing. In 2013, Drew Barrymore launched her own makeup and beauty brand by the name of “Flower beauty Cosmetics”. The beauty products by Drew Berry more are said to be cost effective for all.

Her beauty brand “flower beauty cosmetics” was launched exclusively at Wall Mart. Now the award winning actress is thinking something bigger and better for her cosmetics range. She is planning to expand the sale of flower cosmetics to the overseas markets like China, UK, South America and Australia. Barrymore is in talks with the retailers.

Flower cosmetics include a wide range of makeup accessories, bags, brushes, eye-wear and fragrances. Drew Barrymore is also planning to launch her own clothing line. As she herself is known for her casual and bohemian style so I think we are gonna see typically Barrymore style outfits. Just like her cosmetics, her outfits are going to be affordable and less expensive. As she says, “It’s not the way I shop,”.

The actress claims that everyday life’s objects are her biggest source of inspiration. She says, “You will look at a woman’s shoe and be inspired by the color,” she said. “I am always looking at everything for pigments and colors. The other day I took my daughter’s paint and I couldn’t stop playing with it …. I think whatever keeps you up … that is what you should be doing. And if it feels like you are forcing yourself to be inspired by it, that’s the wrong road.”