Erica The Japanese Android Leading Robot Revolution


There was a time when I used to get fascinated of the Android life form specially “Data” in the “Star Trek” Series. At that time it seemed almost impossible that any humanoid like Data can ever be a reality. But today Japan is leading the robot revolution.

Erica is the first android life form made in Japan. Robot Erica can talk like humans, look like humans and can also understand what the other person is talking about. The purpose behind the creation of Erica is to simply make her capable of talking and understanding naturally what other say.

In a recent event organized by the makers, the android Erica was presented in front of people from media who questioned Erica on various topics and she replied them one by one accordingly.

The master minds behind this android life form are engineers from the Japan Science and Technology Agency, Osaka University, the Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International, and Kyoto University.