Family Christmas Gift Exchange Ideas


Christmas is an occasion where not only members of family but also friends and many other relatives also get together with each other. Christmas Gift exchange also takes place at this occasion and purchasing gifts for all of the relatives and friends can empty your pockets. There are many Christmas gift exchange ideas that can make the process easier for you. Buying a gift is also something very important as sometimes gifts that we receive or send are not useful hence it proves total wastage of time and money. lets look at some Christmas gift exchange ideas in which every individual in the house receives gift of his/her own choice and you don’t have to even worry about that.

 Name Picking

This idea is the most common for buying gifts for whole family only if you are on a budget. In that idea write the names of all members of family along with their desired gift in folded piece of papers and gather them in a container like bowl or a hat. Starting from the youngest member of family to pick one paper from container, everyone will pick one paper and will buy the gift for the one whose name is in his/her picked paper. In this way everyone will have its desired gift as written along with his/her name.

White Elephant

Another way other than name picking family exchange gift idea is White Elephant gift Exchange. This way you don’t have to buy a gift for every member of family rather you give some old gift received from someone else or something  that is not in your use or is useless for you, give it to other member of family who you think is in need of that thing or will appreciate you after receiving it. Don’t forget to pack the gift in a nice way.

Exchange Game

For a large family to deal with, exchange game will be most suitable for you. As you may not know all your relatives like uncles, aunts etc very closely, so buying gifts for them will be a difficult task to perform. For this, first fix your budget that everyone can afford. Let’s say no one will buy gift more than $40-$50, however not less than that. After having Christmas dinner, place the gifts on the floor. Now everyone will pick folded piece of paper containing number from the bowl. The person with number 1 will start the game and will pick a gift from the placed gifts and will open it in front of everyone. Now it’s turn for person with 2nd number, he/she can either grab the gift of the 1st one or either chose a new one from the placed gift and will also open it in front of everyone. Grabbing will be restricted to 2-3 times per person. As a result of this game everyone will have gift of his/her own choice and the fun in the party will be great. Children should be given separate gifts as understanding the concept of this game will be difficult for them

Besides these Christmas gift exchange ideas you can also play a game like treasure hunt in which you hide gift and ask a particular person to find it using some clues, this game will surely be loved by children too. So at this Christmas try one of these ideas, I assure you that each member of family will enjoy giving and receiving gifts and there will be a lot of fun.