Foula Island in Shetland to Celebrate Christmas On 6th January


There is still a place in Britain where Christmas fever is yet to start. The place is called “Foula island” located in Shetlands. Shetland is located in the northeast of great Britain and also is a part of UK.

Foula is a small island of 3 and a half miles in length and two and a half mile wide. Its also called “Bird Island”. The total population of the island is around 30 people. These people strictly follow Norse Traditions of folklore and festivity. The residents of Foula island have their own “Old Julian Calendar.” And they follow all the traditions and festivities according to that particular calendar.

According to Old Julian Calendar, the people on Foula island celebrate their Christmas on 6th January 2016. And the new year is celebrated on 13 January.People of Foula island gather in a house to celebrate Christmas and they exchange gifts there.

People of Foula are the last descendants of those ancient Norn speaking people. But that historical Norse dialect was vanished around 1800. The island has the facility of clear, running water since 1982 and also have electricity since 1984 supplied by diesel generator.

foula island
Foula ISland