French Manicure At Home


French manicure is famous all around the world among women due to its various advantages. One is that it gives a stylish and well-groomed look to your hands and the light and natural colors make it suitable with every color of dress. It goes with every type of dressing, whether the business suiting or some funky party dress. Although French manicure is an expensive treatment but it can be done at home by following a few simple tips for French manicure. Concentration, patience and practice are the keys for a good French manicure at home.

French Manicure at Home
The famous French Manicure was first introduced in 1800 in beauty salon in Paris, France, therefore named French manicure but it gained fame in 1920’s. Main feature of this manicure is the unique shape it gives to your nails, i.e. square. You require many things to do a manicure like, coat, neutral color nail polish, white polish, nail filter etc. so, it is better that you buy a French manicure kit which contain all these equipment necessary for a French manicure. When you are doing your manicure, make sure you are not doing any other work, as it will destroy your manicure. Tips for a home base French manicure are as follow:
Step 1:
First of all clean your nails appropriately. Apply nail polish remover with the help of cotton on your nail and clean the previous nail polish completely. After that, soak your hands in warm water for few minutes. In your French manicure kit there are present orangewood sticks. Push back the cuticles with the help of these stick and file your nails.
Step 2:
Gently scrub your hands with sugar and salt scrub but be careful around the nails sensitive area. After washing it, apply the moisturizer then cuticle cream on the hands for 2-3 minutes. Remove the cream with the help of a tissue paper after the time is complete.
Step 3:
Now file your nails in the special box shape of French manicure. Apply the base coat and let it dry. Then gently apply two coats of any natural color or transparent nail polish, as suits you. Let the first coat dry before you apply the second one.
Step 4:
Final step requires more concentration and care. Paint the tips of your nails with white nail polish. You can use adhesives, i.e., tip guide strips. Stick them where the white part of the nail start and then apply the white nail polish coat on tips. Use second coat if needed. Don’t remove the adhesives immediately as it will destroy your effort, rather let it dry. Finally apply a coat of transparent nail polish on the whole nail. This will protect your manicure for a longer time period.
Wait at least 20 minutes before doing any work after your French manicure. Waiting an hour is better because it will ensure the dryness but as you feel convenient. The results of the effort worth it. Try it and you will like your self-effort French manicure at home.


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