Fur Fashion Winter Trends 2015/2016


Fur as a part of your dress code is grabbing attention this fall winter 2015-2016. Whether it be natural fur, artificial fur, red, green fur, outfits or fur details, all becoming a top trend this year and most out-class designers are using it in their winter collection for 2015 and 2016. So, if you love the fur garments or your garments are detailed with it, you got the best chance to impress your friends. It does not matter if it is artificial one or natural one you are using, both look amazing and the fact that fur is very warm, which means that it is obviously perfect for winter. Described below is a list of famous fur designs this winter by famous designers.


Karl Lagerfeld is the designer for Chanel this winter. He has designed all the garments, whether it is pants, coats, shirts, skirts, hats and high boots all with fur. Karl has also designed garments with other material but in that case he used fur for the details. He has used furry materials on collars or sleeves for example. The furry hand bags designed by Karl Lagerfeld this winter are worth paying attention.

Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs has not completely designed furry garments, but he has utilized it in detailing the garments designed to keep up with the latest hot trends. The coats and he hand bags designed by Marc Jacobs this winter are being paid special attention this winter.


Numerous types of colored fur are introduced by Etro this winter trend in the market. Especially, the red fur detail looks very attractive. The wide range of colors used by Etro makes the collection very different from other designer collections and beautiful as well.

Anna Sui

Anna Sui has used various colors including orange, black, blue, red and green in her winter collection this year. Anna Sui is very popular amongst fashion lovers for her unfussy dresses with lively color tones. FauxFur is also used in several garments by Anna Sui in her winter collection.

Nina Ricci

The designs of Nina Ricci are loved by most this winter. Nina Ricci is very good at designing simple but still luxuriant dresses. This year the designer has introduced a little bit of more luxury by using it. It is used to embellish makes the garments even more attention-grabbing this winter.

Dolce & Gabbana

This year the designers from Dolce and Gabbana have also introduced furry items in their unique creations. The major colors used by the designers are black and brown. The garments presented this winter by Dolce Gabbana this winter are worth paying attention to.

Burberry Prorsum

Famous for its exceptional designs in coats, Burberry has launched its new furry collection. The major attention is still given to upper wears but with a new glossy furry touch.