Fur Stole the Hottest Winter Fashion Accessory


Fashion lovers all across the globe must be shopping or planning to shop for the ideal winter wardrobe items. Fashion is incomplete without fashion accessories regardless of weather conditions. Each weather has it own fashion accessories. This fall winter season the fashion accessory that is dominating from movie stars to runway models is a fur stole. Yes, a fur stole is going to rock this fall winter fashion trends. A fur stole not only glamorize you but also most appropriate fashion accessory for winter. A faux fur stole can keep you warm and cozy in that chilly days and night.

Side Fur Stole is Trending

How you use your fashion accessory depends on you. Use a fur stole the way you feel confident. Like earlier we have seen celebrities and supermodels, wearing a fur stole around their neck and shoulder and i personally do that coz in cold winter nights, it keeps me cozy and comfortable. But this year the latest fashion trend for fur stole is keeping it on your shoulders, just on one side. This style also looks stylish and trendy.

Recently many famous ready to wear brands like Creatures of the Wind, Jason Wu Fall 2015, Ran Tan Fall 2015 and Ohne Titel fall 2015 have showcased their fall winter collection with side faux fur stoles. So it totally up to you how you like to wear this faux fur stole this winter.

Faux fur stoles have a lot of variety and style range. Faux fur stoles are available in fur scarf style that you can wear around your neck as a scarf,  shawl style fur is a bit longer in size that is specially designed for saving yourself from cold and wrap style fur that you can wrap yourself up with. All these types of fur stoles look trendy and stylish in winter. Wear these fur stoles with shot and long dresses and trousers as well. Go ahead and make your winter style for 2015.


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