Gardening Tips for Coming Spring


Going winters have done much wrong with your garden as ice and snow have covered and crumble up the rooting branches and perennials so before saying “Hi” to springs you must have to prepare your garden and use following gardening tips.


Take a look of your lawn first and see are there any dried up or discolored areas, or is land has become visible while taking a swift glance. If yes, then its time to reseed that area. You have to scrape up the bare area, throw seeds on it, and keep that area moist. The seeds will shoot up in few days.

Also keep in mind to do the following important gardening tips;


This is most crucial activity as it will act as oxygen mask for your lawn. By raking the plot you can remove dead grass and leaves moreover you can examine if there are any problems that may harm your garden.


There are many fertilizers available in markets go and get them. Also if you are an expert gardener than you can make natural fertilizer of your own by using manure and dead leaves, plants. You can also sprinkle peat moss or compost over the top of lawn. They are just like food to soil as fertilizers will provide essential nutrients to plants.

Plant sod:

This is indeed the best time for laying grass strips over your ground. Clean up the required area, add amendments, scrape up that place well, and finally lay down the grass strips. After some time as the grass roots got settled in the soil, water it daily.

Checking perennials:

Examine your lawn closely and see how much damage winters has caused to your lawn. Usually severe winters and chilling snow causes plants to push up slightly out of soil. This is called as heaving. If lower body of plants has come out then press them back in soil. Remove damaged perennials and small plants and make place for new grass to grow.

Soil improvement:

Take soil in your hand and notice that whether it has dried up or not. Usually in winters soil becomes damp and moist and wet soil is not good for fertilizers and compost. Just sprinkle away the layer of compost over the dry soil the nutrients themselves will seep down slowly and steadily.

Repair Damaged Areas:

If heavy rain and snow melting has caused damages in your garden and run off water have designed various channels and pathways then its time to fix up all these problems. Mostly the sloppy area in your garden is affected by heavy rainfalls and melting ice. Mild damages can be filled by soil or compote but for severe damages you need a professional who will guide you well on what to do. Hope these gardening tips are working for you.

Other Spring Tasks

Reset your lawn sprinkling system and made adjustments according to system directions.

Look over gardening tools and properly maintain your lawn by lawn movers.

Check your hand gloves that are not only important to protect your hands form dirt but also you can perform tasks easily while wearing them.