Gleeful Grandma Emiko 93, Models For Granddaughter


Chinami Mori is a fashion designer who weaves vibrantly colored and lush textured pieces of clothing and scarves. Chinami Mori creates these masterpieces in the Japanese free style known as Saori. For presenting these multi-colored clothing items, she chose her own grandma, 93 years old grandma “Emiko“.

Chinami has posted various snapshots of her grandma Emiko on her Instagram which are being liked and appreciated by all sides. The joyous and gleeful modeling pictures of grandma has drawn around 25,000 followers to her Instagram page. Why Chinami chose a 93 years old model for displaying her work? Chinami explains, “She’s my favorite person in the whole world. I make grandma happy, and that’s just so much fun for me, too.”

The best part about this modeling venture is that it makes grandma looks so jovial and full of life. Which does not happen normally at this stage of life.

Other than grandma Emiko, the clothing items made by Chinami are also worth praising. The colors are so eye catching and they give you a true feel of coziness. Hope these trendy and stylish scarves will soon be available all over.