Glitter Beard Bizarre Trend for Men


Have you ever thought of glitter beard, No would be the answer of the most. But glitter beard is the trend that I am sharing here. There are always some strange folk among us experimenting unique and weird things that later become some bizarre trend. Such bizarre trend can not be followed by all because of their weirdness. I have already written about some weird fashion trends that we have seen lately. Here is a latest trending bizarre fashion trend of glitter beard that is gaining popularity on social media.


First we saw beards with flowers and leaves but this is another step in weirdness. We have seen many posts on Instagram, of men with glitter beard. The beards are literally covered with thick layers of glitter. Some of these men even have glitter on their eyebrows. Though the fashion is quite strange but many are loving it.


And now the holiday season is approaching, you may find some guys with glitter beards, mustache and eyebrows, don’t get panic. Its a latest fashion trend. Though a bizarre one.