Glitter Makeup Tips for Holiday Season


Very soon we are going to welcome fall season again. And fall season is also the time and period of festivities like Halloween, Christmas and new years eve. All of these are special occasions of celebration and festivity. You would not only have to mange your winter wardrobe, winter-fashion accessories but your looks also matters a lot. You need a special look and makeup on all above mentioned occasions. Today I am giving some useful glitter makeup tips for night parties. There would be many night festive occasions and glitter makeup looks chic in fall night parties. So these glitter makeup tips are going to help a lot.

Glitter Makeup Tips

Glitter makeup attracts all the girl. But keep in mind, never use glitter makeup on your whole face at a time. For example if you want glittery eye-makeup then apply soft makeup on other features on your face. Keep your glitter makeup confined to one feature whether eyes, lips or cheeks, at a time.

Glitter Makeup tips for Eyes

Eyes are the most prominent feature on your whole face. And a nice eye makeup can brighten your whole face. Smokey eyes and cat eyes can be made more beautiful with a touch of glitter on them. Putting glitter on eyes requires a tact. First of all apply some concealer on the areas where you want to apply glitter makeup. Then apply glitter on the required area. This will help keeping the glitter makeup firm on your eyes. Otherwise glitter makeup fall downs. Always choose the best branded cosmetics for the purpose. Because  all the products have not the capacity to give the required result. Glitter makeup is also very trendy on lash line. It really enhances your beauty. Green and blue lash line glitter liner looks very chic. A bold eye makeup with glitter liner on lower lash line is going to dominate the festive season. Urban Decay has a chic range of colors of metal glitter liners. You can apply it on lower lash line and upper lash line as well. Do check them.

Glitter Makeup tips for Eyelashes

Big and bold lashes create a great model-like look. Sparkle-dusted eyelashes are the latest fashion trend. We have seen many models on runway fashion with sparkle dusted eyelashes. They look great. How to get the sparkle dusted eyelashes.

(a) Take a few specks of glitter on your fingertips. Apply mascara on your lashes and put that glitter specks on the tips of lashes before the mascara gets dry.

(b) Take a damp eye-shadow brush and dip it in the glitter box and then apply on the lashes top.

Glitter Makeup tips for Brows

These days glitter in brows is also getting popular. You can also apply it on any night party but do not put too much. It will look weird. Just a slight touch of glitter on brows look cool.

Glitter Makeup on Lips

There are many shimmery lipsticks available. You can put them on to get that glittery and shimmery look. If using a simple lipstick, then put and press slightly a bit of glitter in the mid of your lower lip.

Glitter Makeup for Cheekbones

Giving a touch of glitter on the cheek bones area highlights the area and gives you a nice glossy look for evening party. Prefer a peachy or soft pinky shade for this. Do not put too much of it. just a slight touch is enough.




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