Gold Coated Champagne Doughnut In 100$


All the doughnut lovers out there. Here comes a uniquely beautiful gold doughnut in 100$. 100$ for a doughnut is too much but for a gold coated champagne doughnut, not a big deal. A Filipino restaurant in Williamsburg, Brooklyn is creating this yummy doughnut with gold flakes. The owners are also promoting their gold coated doughnut on Instagram. People enjoyed these gold coated champagne doughnut on New year eve and shared it on their public profiles too.

The amazing new flavored Ube doughnut is covered with 24 carat gold flakes with the icing made of Cristal champagne.Whats inside the gold coated champagne doughnut is the yummy thick layer of Ube mousse and Champagne jelly. The New Yorkers are apparently loving this tastefully attractive gold doughnut. And spending as much as $1,200 for a dozen of them. As its an ultimate treat to tongue as well as eyes.