Google Glass 2 For Businessmen In The Making


We all know about the long lost Google glass that was proved a failure commercially. After a few months of sale in UK, Google discontinued its production with the promise of coming back with a better version in future. Though Google has not announced anything about Google Glass 2 officially but the leaked reports suggest that Glass 2 is in the making and exist on FCC filing and its specially designed for businessmen.

Google Glass 2 Features

According to the circulating rumors Glass 2 would have latest features like wi-fi, faster processors, camera, improved battery, water proof and hard wearing.

Fate of Google Glass 2

Inspite of the inclusion of famous fashion designers like Diane von Furstenberg and Luxottica, Google Glasses were unable to achieve the attention of the masses. Rather people found a lot of faults and criticized the harmful use of Google Glasses as they were great threat to the privacy of the people.

Now we have to wait and watch the fate of Glass 2. How this gadget is received by the businessmen and working people. Will surely keep you updated.