Halloween 2016 Celebration: Things You should Know!


October 31 is not too far now. So what’s so special? It’s the official date of Halloween 2016. Like every year, this is going to be something big, full of spooky elements, freaking you out. A lot of events and festivals are organized on this occasion.


Halloween is an event to celebrate the arrival of winter, farewell to summer and ending of the harvest season. It’s also a time to remember the martyrs and saints. It’s a great event to keep family, friends and the neighborhood together. It’s a special event where kids as well as adults love to participate.

The freaky activities are included the elements like carved pumpkin, apple bobbing, costume parties, haunted locations, Halloween costumes, horror films and bonfires.

Most of the people celebrating Halloween 2016 might not have the idea of the other names of Halloween like, Allhalloween, All Hallow’s eve and all saint’s day.

Reason of the Spooky Element in Halloween

History of Halloween goes back to the Celtic age. Celtic age (in ancient Britain)was dominated by pagans. And pagans claimed to have no fear of death. To them, Halloween was the day when the departed souls were back to earth. And to celebrate it, they had a feast of the dead. The Celtics not only used to sacrifice the animals but would also wear freaky dresses, most probably animal heads and dresses made from animal’s skin. All of it was practiced to show their carefree behavior towards death.

How this British Tradition Entered US?

Basically, it’s a British tradition. The severe Irish potato famine of 1846 was the reason of this tradition being introduced in US. The people who migrated to United States, practiced it in US and it became an inseparable part of US lifestyle.

Halloween Today!

Halloween 2016 would have quite a little of these ancient traditions. With time, a lot of changes have been observed in it. Now it’s more about partying and having fun time with friends and family. The tradition of Halloween is spreading to various other countries of the world because of the playfulness and fun associated with it.

There are a few days left in Halloween 2016. Get the best dresses and makeup ideas for it to have the full enjoyment. Get some inspiration from these celebs Halloween costumes.



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