Halloween History Facts that We Do Not Know


Halloween is the day of festivity and celebration that is observed on 31 October by Christians all around the globe. We normally see people and specially kids dressing up weirdly very often in scary mask and dresses. And each year Halloween is getting popular globally. Even the people of other communities now celebrate Halloween. What is the  Halloween history? what is the reason of this celebration? Most of us do not know this. This word Halloween is derived from the words ALL HALLOWS EVE. Halloween was originally celebrated by the Celts who lived 2,000 years ago in the areas like Ireland, UK and northern France. It was a Celtic festival of Samhain that actually is the source of inspiration behind Halloween.

In the 8th century pope Gregory 111 declared 1 November as the new year. His purpose was to celebrate the sacrifices of martyrs and noble men who have passed on. It was a holiday. Since then Celtic people used to celebrate the new year on November 1. And the day before it that is 31 October, was the end of the summer and harvesting and beginning of dark time that was winter. Now come to the spooky side of the Samhain festival. Celts believed that the night before the new year eve brings dead back on earth. Ghosts return to harm them or to enter their bodies and damage their crops and lands and roam all around in the dark winter night. So to save themselves from the ghosts and dead souls, those people used to disguise as ghosts, animals masks or other weird forms to hide from these wandering souls. So that no ghost or spooky element may harm them.

At first Halloween was confined to that area but as people started migrating to American continent, local residents of America also started to follow this Halloween festival. So it not only spread world-wide but also changed its forms as well. People used to tell spooky stories to each other,wore costumes, had fun and a lot more. This way this Halloween festival came to what it is today. Most of the facts or myths that were associated with Halloween are lost today. It’s a purely secular day. There is no mention of it even in bible. People just dress up spookily and weirdly, have fun and enjoyment. And I think there is nothing wrong in having fun. That’s all. So if you also are planning to have great fun this Halloween, get some nice scary dresses ready,put on makeup like some ghost or maybe a zombie. And yes do not forget to carve that scary pumpkin. Halloween is not too far now.


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