Handbag Trends 2015/ 2016


Handbag is the most important of all accessories of a girl. But it has been observed normally that girls do not give much value to latest handbag trends while buying it. The fact is that a handbag can really make you look good. It can surely knock off a few pounds visually. I know that you would not believe it but it is the fact. A proper shape and size of the handbag that also suits your body shape, would definitely bring difference in your outer look and can make you look more stylish. But for buying a stylish handbag, you must know the latest handbag trends. There are so many choices and handbag trends that you can select easily according to your shape and body.

Choose the handbag with a shape right opposite to what your shape is.If you are heighten and slim,go for a slouchy rounded hobo bag. It would really compliment your figure. On the contrary, if someone is short, choose a handbag that is rectangular and sleek. The rounder your figure is, the structured your bag should be to balance your look. Get rectangular or square soft leather or fabric bags to create magic.

There are many latest handbag trends that you can follow. Some handbag trends are always trendy and never get outdated. Check some of them out.
Tote:open top bag with straps or handles

Tote bag
Hobo bag:It is a bag shaped like a crescent.It is a shoulder bag.

Duffle:It is a tall bag for shoulder.

Duffle bag
Field bag:It is a shoulder bag with flap top with utility type closure.

Clutch: A small handheld bag to keep under the arm.

Satchel: A large size handheld bag.

Satchel bag
Baguette: It is a long and rounded corner bed.

Baguette bag
Messenger: It is a bag to wear across the body with long straps.

Messenger bag
Cigar box:It is a small hard bag.

Cigar box
Pouch: A small kit type bag.

Pouch bag
Kelly bag: It is a large structured bag,named after grace Kelly.

Kelly bag

Tips for buying trendy handbags

Do not make haste in buying a bag.Take your time. Look in the mirror,what looks good on your body. Do not get tempted by what the trend is. Get what suits your body shape.

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