High Heels Trends 2015


Every woman wants to be the most stylish and trendy, either it’s about her outfit or accessories. Foot wear is the second most apparent parts of one’s outfit which contributes a lot to enhance or lessen one’s personality. If shoes are worn according to the event as well as dress, it’ll boost your image up, and if its not so, you might be embarrassed among others. In women foot wear, there are a lot of styles in flat shoes and high heels, but high heels foot wears are the most stylish foot wear ever.

Heeled foot wear raises the heels of women’s feet higher than the toes. There are low heeled shoes as well as high heeled. Low heels are about 2 or 2.5 inches and high heels are from 2 to 5, 6, 7 even 8 inches. I think that every woman has a pair of high heeled shoes in her wardrobe either it’s a kind of sandals or close toed shoes.

Close toed foot wear includes court shoes that are called pumps today. Pointed or round toed high heeled pumps can be worn with a variety of outfits but are the best for office attire. It looks more decent and simple as well as stylish. You can find pumps in low heel as well as high heel up to 8 inches, but for office attire it must not so high. 3 to 4 ½ is the proper heel height to wear in office.

The more enhanced and stylish design of high heeled pumps is with straps around the ankle. Straps make the simple pumps more fashioned and trendy. You can wear it in any occasion either it’s your business meeting or an evening party. It presents one’s personality very rich and sophisticated as well. So many designs and colors are available in these kinds of high heeled pumps.

High heels are not limited just to the close toed shoes; you can find high heels in stylish and beautiful sandals also. To wear in parties, ornamented high heeled sandals are available there. You can choose a well designed stylish high heeled sandal well suited to your party wear.

Spring is almost at its end and summer is near. Designers are designing high heel shoes in different beautiful colors especially for summer. Check out these eye captivating high heeled shoes in pink color. It will look awesome in spring and summer season as both are the seasons of colors.

Every one of us wants to wear high heeled shoes but it’s not as easy as not all of us have the affluence to manage with high heels. It’s quite difficult to walk in high heels because your whole weight is on your toes. You have to balance yourself in high heels. If you are one of these, and want to wear high heels, just do practice a lot. Start with 2 inches heels and gradually increase the height of heels. Practice a lot, wear your favorite high heel shoes and find yourself in the heights of fashion and style.