Hijab Fashion Trend Growing worldwide


Hijab which is actually not a fashion trend but now have become a fashion trend. Hijab fashion has been quite controversial in past few years because of the wrong portrayal of Islam by those who work to defame the most peaceful religion across the world. Anyways hijab fashion is getting a popular trend in Muslim fashion world. Even the non-Muslims are seemed to be attracted towards hijab fashion. Hijab fashion is based in Indonesia. Most of the Indonesian women wear hijab. The Muslim fashion industry is growing swiftly and hijab is one key fashion trend of the Muslim world. Islamic fashion industry is earning a lot from many other Asian and European countries, its almost $1.5 billion worth industry.

Recently, a Swedish fashion firm has hired hijabians or models wearing hijab in their video. This video of models wearing hijab caused many protests and slogans against the firm H&M. According to the protesters’ head Maria Rashidi, the fashion firms are promoting “oppression of women” and “gender apartheid”. In her view a Hijab is “a tool for gender segregation”. Maria Rashidi who is an Iranian, herself used to wear Hijabs. But not anymore.

Hijabs are available in a wide range of designs and prints. Such a large range of styles and prints in Hijabs are making it more popular day by day. To wear Hijab, first you should determine the shape of your face. Check whether your face is round, oval, square, rectangular or heart shaped.

Hijab for Oval Face

Oval is the most easy and well suited face shape for hijab. You can carry any type of hijab on oval face.

Hijab for Round Face

If you have a round face shape, then your first aim is to make your face look narrow. Keep the hijab loose from both sides of your face. Show more of your forehead. Thats it.

Hijab for Square Face

It is very important to soften that squarish look of your face. For this keep the hijab round shaped from the forehead. Keep the hijab loose under your chin. it will soften the crudeness of jawbone.

Hijab for Rectangular Face

Rectangular face shape need to appear longer than usual. For it keep the forehead more visible and hijab close to your face. It will make your face look longer.



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