Hoverboard Trend Is Making Adults Crazy Like Mike Tyson


Hoverboard is the latest trend all over the world and also the best Christmas gift item. This Christmas we have seen many cases of hover board fails. The most recent hoverboard fail is of none other than the boxing champion Mike Tyson.

Mike Tyson has posted on his Instagram a video of himself using daughter’s hoverboard. Actually its a hoverboard fail. We do not know if Mike Tyson had any injuries or not. He posted the video with the hashtag#MikeTysonBreaksBack #imtoooldforthisshit and #knockout.

This Christmas many cases have been reported of hoverboards fail. One should do safety precautions like helmet or safety pads before riding it.

The other funny news is also from Christmas eve where a Filipino priest preaches and sings to the worshipers in the church while riding on the hoverboard. Actually this incident has sparked quite outrageous views from seniors in order.

One of them says, “the incident was “ridiculous”. “How can you meditate if you see this happening inside the church where holy mass is going on?”

But at the same time the Filipino priest is getting appreciation from the common web users. Watch the video of both incidents here.