How to Get Soft And Beautiful Lips


After eyes, lips are the most prominent feature of one’s face. Beautiful lips make personality even more attractive and good looking. Sometimes many people both men and women have to suffer the issue of darker and drier lips. That is a very common issue specially in winter. But it can be overcome by putting a bit effort on your part. You must keep in mind that If you want your personality to look even more attractive, your lips should be perfectly soft,clean and pink. In this article we are highlighting 8 tips to get beautiful lips that are soft and beautifully pink.


If you are a smoker, then you should use some sun screen on your lips as the lips are delicate and skin of lips is quite sensitive and due to dehydration caused by cigarette, lips can get darkened. So to protect the lips from UV rays, one should also use sun screen, as sun rays also damage the lips and cause discoloration of lips.

Just like scrubbing teethes daily, lips should also be scrubbed by a tooth brush on weekly basis by very soft hands as they remove the dead cells and also softens the lips. To avoid lips from getting dehydrated, always remember to moisturize them properly after scrubbing else they will get more rough than before.

Rose water and sugar can also be used for scrubbing as they are harmless and can be used daily to scrub the lips. No rough lips, no more scratching required and a kissable sweet touch can be achieved by using this tip for scrubbing.

Water is very essential as it prevents dehydration. And lips being the most prominent part with very sensitive skin is the first victim of dehydration, so drinking plenty of water prevents you from dehydration and also don’t let the lips to look rough or dry. It also makes your skin look glowing.

Lipsticks contain harmful chemicals that can damage the lips. Lip balm should be used before applying lips sticks as this will give them a full look and also won’t let the lipstick look dull with the course of the day. Homemade lip balms are more useful as they don’t contain any harmful chemicals as compared to commercial products.

Moisturizing is very important for beautiful lips. Lips absorb all the moisture in night and in day when you get up; your lips are absolutely fresh and soft . Moisturizer layer should be thick as it also helps in avoiding wrinkles around the lips.

As healthy diet is essential for a healthy body similarly gorgeous pink and beautiful lips require healthy diet. It also helps in delaying Botox sessions (a toxin to smooth facial wrinkles).

Botox and fillers treatment are also an option to choose as they produce positive results but these treatments are for those who can’t afford Botox treatments or are not willing.