Justin Bieber Prays for Paris Victims


While performing in a live concert in Los Angeles, Justin Bieber got this tragic news of Paris attack. Apparently, Justin Bieber seems to be a man with high tantrums and attitude in his public appearances but the tragic news from Paris made the youth icon burst into tears. That’s quite unbelievable for me.

He took a minute of silence and requested the audience to #prayforparis . While praying we can see tears rolling down his cheeks. Discover what Justin Bieber has to say about his tears on the social media site twitter, ‘You guys just got me crying. Damn. I missed this and u. Thank u so much. Thank you. #Purpose.’  

Like Justin Bieber, many other celebrities and common people from around the globe are showing their grief on this sadistic event. And world is showing solidarity and union on the social media sites with the #tag #prayforparis .

Like all those I would also take this opportunity to show solidarity with the victim’s family. May they RIP.