Did Kimoji App Really Messed Up Apple App Store


Kim Kardashian emoji app, most popularly known as Kimoji app is creating quite a buzz on Apple app store. All the kimojis are Kardashhian’s themed characters. iPhone users are downloading the kimoji app enormously. The kimoji app costs $1.99 per download. We have seen that users are giving mixed reviews based on 1 to 2 stars maximum. No one has ranked the kimoji app a five star till now.

After the launch of kimoji app, the app topped the downloading charts and soon Kim Kardashian took to social media (twitter) and apologized to app store in these words, Apple, I’m so sorry I broke your App Store!!! We worked so hard on this app & we know there are some issues due to the massive downloads that the whole tech team is so working on!

And this claim by Kim was soon clearly debunked by Apple saying, “there were absolutely no issues with the App Store yesterday.” 

The app is said to be troubling the users while using it. Many users are also complaining about it. Here is what a down loader has to say, “Can’t use on any apps, instagram, kik etc. You need to copy paste the emojis every time — very displeased. Do not waste your money.”

The emoji app is new may be that is why its not working properly. We may see some betterment in it in coming days. Lets hope.