Fashion today is no longer confined to women, men too are a part of it and follow trends (sane or insane) passionately. When we talk of fashion, there are no significant rules for it. Anything that you wear, no matter how much mad it is, becomes a fashion trend. If you are looking for the latest fashion trends for men, lace shorts are the new mens clothing this year. Though we don’t find it as appealing as a torn jean or trouser but it is here to stay.

What are Lace shorts for Men?

Lace shorts are launched by Hologram City that is a Los Angeles based fashion brand. What makes them look hilarious (at least for the conservative souls like me) is the range of pastel colors (they seem girly) and the fact that these lace shorts for men are completely see-through. You can’t wear them without underwear. This lacy ensemble is available at the affordable price of $49. Are you going to buy one? If yes, do buy it online before nothing lefts for you.

source: Hologram city