Latest Summer Fashion Trends 2016


The start of fashion season for summer 2016 is just round the corner. So here is a list of the latest summer fashion trends that you can follow this year.


Wide pants have also come to us from the sizzling 70s style. They are comfortable, stylish and elegant.


Pajamas are considered comfortable. That’s why they are a major part of this year’s new fashion collection.

Latest World Trend |summer fashion trends
Pajamas for Summer 2016

Full Skirts

In 2016, we see the return of full skirts. Long skirts look incredibly feminine. Designs of full skirts are very different allowing every woman to choose the one that suits her.

Latest World Trend | summer fashion trends


Shorts are very comfortable as well as very stylish, that is why they are so popular with women all over the world. In this summer season designers offer customers a great variety of shorts designs.

Latest World Trend | summer fashion trends
Shorts Trends 2016

Sheer fabrics Trend

Long sheer skirts are the most popular of the summer fashion trends. A lot of sheer dresses, blouses and tops are seen on the runway, too.

Latest World Trend | summer fashion trends
Summer Fashion Trends

Maxi dresses

Floor-sweeping gowns are constantly been seen on the runway. This season the number of maxis has increased significantly. Dresses have become airier, lighter, and more flowing. And majority of items come with prints.


Fringe is an interesting trend that dominated the winter and is making its way to the summer fashion. It can transform the look into a real work of art. Softer version of fringing looks cute.

Latest World Trend | summer fashion trends
Fringing Trends


Lace dresses are becoming very famous this year. Every brand from Dolce & Gabbana to Issa offers some kind of sexy lace. Some pieces are entirely made of lace, others have attractive lace insets.

Latest World Trend | summer fashion trends
Lace Trends


Widespread use of belts has become fashionable since last year. You can wear a belt with a dress to emphasize your midriff, pair it with a skirt or trousers to get a modern finish.

Latest World Trend | summer fashion trends


A few women prefer wearing minimalist garments in Calvin Klein’s style. It is good time in this fashion season for minimalism as it is an essential trend.

Latest World Trend | summer fashion trends
Minimalist Fashion

Tail dresses

Shorter and sexier tail dresses are going to dominate this summer 2016.Latest World Trend | Tail dresses

Floral print

You are going to see many exquisite floral prints in bright hues.Latest World Trend | Floral print

Leopard print

Leopard print is again becoming trendy this summer.

Leopard printBright colors

In summers black and darker hues are not trendy but brighter tones are very popular. Lemon yellow and orange are the best and are becoming famous this summer.

Latest World Trend | Bright colorsWhite dresses

White is always one of the most popular colors but this year it is one of the most famous fashion trends.Latest World Trend | White dresses