Manicure Pedicure Can Add To Your Style


Every girl wants to look good and stylish and does a lot for looking fashionable and hygienic but all of these efforts are fruitless if you do not take care of your nails well. Many times it has been observed that girls wear trendy clothes, makeup and try to impress others but their nails are so badly unhygienic that it really ruins their image. So to take care of your nails of hands and feet. Manicure, Pedicure are the best ways to protect and beautify your hands and feet.

Manicure pedicure help you in getting better shaped nails. Do not just follow bluntly, what is in fashion as far as shape of the nails matters. The shape of the nails should be managed keeping in mind the shape of your fingers or toes. It is not necessary that if some thing is trendy, it would suit you as well. So you can get some beautician’s advice on it.

Having long nail was very trendy, a couple of years ago.But this season has brought a vivid change. Too long nails do not appeal much now. On the other hand,having a more trimmed and subtle shape is what all the girls are following these days. So you can have such shape of your nails while having manicure pedicure.


Selection of the Nail Enamel

The most recent trend is to be classic. Choose the colors carefully.The colors like brown and red are always trendy and looks cool. Do not choose the red hot color rather choose classic red color, that would look really good. And in brown colors, you can choose dark chocolate or soft cappuccino-both would add grace to your hands and feet. And another thing to remember is, choose the enamel with glitter and should be shining with pearls. Shimmer in the enamel always look good.

If you are sick of the French manicure and pedicure trend then the other good option is of nail art. You can get your nails polished with different styles and colors. Abstract designs also look good. So the main thing is to have neat and tidy nails. Match your manicure pedicure with your style statement, outfit and occasion. All the trends are incomplete without having tidy nails.They will always be fashionable.