Meet Kamilla Osman Kim Kardashian’s Look Alike


Hmm! there is someone who shares the same look and style with our very own queen of controversy, Kim Kardashian. Kamilla Osman is a beauty and fashion blogger by profession and very often posts amazing pictures on her Instagram. Lately, Kamila Osman was noticed by people for her great resemblance with Kim Kardashian. Kamilla Osman is truly the doppelganger of Kim Kardashian.

Kamilla Osman is actually pretty and stylish lady and she has  a deep sense of style too. In a recent interview to “People” she gave her take on this whole “look alike” matter. lets see what she has to say, “I didn’t try to emulate Kim’s look,  “We happen to be from very similar backgrounds — I am Azeri, which borders Armenia, so I guess that played a role in our similarity. Most girls in my country have the same look.”

kamilla osman
Kamilla Osman

Kamilla Osman has also claimed that she has not undergone any type of surgery to look like Kim Kardashian. Kamilla is not the only one looking like Kim Kardashian. In 2011, Marianna Hewitt, another fashion blogger was also a part of news because of her looks. Marianna Hewitt also has quite similar features. So Kim Kardashian has not one but two doppelganger till date. We may see more in future. We may!

kamilla Osman
Marianna Hewitt