Moon Villages Might Be A Possibility by 2030


Scientists are pondering these days on the great futuristic idea of building “moon villages” with the collaboration of humans and robots. The basic idea behind the building of villages on the moon is of using moon as a bridge or springboard to make the future missions to Mars and deep space possible.

A group of scientists have presented this idea of moon villages and think that this can be a reality by 2030. But to proceed through this project, there are a lot of things and work to do.

Clive Neal is a planetary geologist from the University of Notre Dame in the US. He explains the theory in these words,
“We keep talking about lunar resources but we still need to demonstrate they can be used a (that) they are, in fact, reserves,”“The next step would demonstrate extraction techniques followed by refinement of the product into usable commodity. A successful programme would then clearly demonstrate that lunar resources can enable solar system exploration,”
Clive Neal has also attended a recently organized conference in Netherland by European space Agency (ESA). The conference was named “Moon 2020-2030 — A New Era of Coordinated Human and Robotic Exploration”. All these possibilities of moon village were discussed here.