Office Attire for Men


An office attire should be selected very carefully. You can not wear everyday dress at work. Selection of office attire depends on the nature of work and the environment of work place. Here are some tips for choosing perfect office attire for men.

Casual Office Attire

An office attire can be casual based, if you work in a relaxed environment like some advertisement company or entertainment industry where you do not have to attend business meetings and indulge in public meetings. So in such places, nice Tees with dark denims and comfy sneakers in footwear would be best attire.

Mainstream Casual Office Attire

If the nature of your job is office based like secretary, assistant or clerical job then you would not look good in T-shirt or jeans. Wear nicely colored shirts or sweaters with slacks or corduroy style pants. For footwear choose any comfortable shoes.

Office Attire for Executive Posts

If you work on some executive post where you have to meet people and attend meetings with high officials then you must dress up in pure office style. Printed shirts of bright colors with elegant jackets or blazers with ties and  slacks with strapped shoes in footwear are best.

Traditional Office Attire

Working in the field of finance, accounts and law makes your job level more serious. Attending meetings with high class businessmen is a common thing. So your dress should fulfill the requirements of an office attire. Go for dark colors in elegantly patterned suits with bright colored shirts with ties. Choose nice strapped shoes.


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