Office Dress Code Policy Do’s and Don’ts


For every profession there is a specific office dress code which is a sign of recognition of that profession. Professional attire is quite different from a party wear or routine clothing. So, it’s very necessary to understand that how to dress up for your profession.

Here, I’m talking about office dress code or an office employee. Dress code of both is almost same. Keep in mind that whatever you are wearing as office dress code must be comfortable to wear as well to work. Fashion changes so drastically, but office attire is not about being fashioned, so, follow the office dress code policy and be stylish instead of fashioned. Be simple and decent in your office dress.

A perfect office dress code for a man is suit and tie, with a close toes shoes. And office dress code for a woman, skirted suits are a good choice but they are more similar to men’s attire and looks little old-fashioned. Business women are now more likely to wear trousers and pants with nice and simple blouses. It looks more feminine and is more comfortable. Yet, In any case, clothes should be tailored well. Skirts should not be so short or too long; it should be up to knees.

Use simple colors for your jackets and coats for office dress code. Black, blue or grey color is the best option. Sky blue or white dress shirt are the ideal colors for your office dressing. Avoid sharp and bright colors like yellow, pink or red etc. shirt should be plane, not printed or patterned. For women, half-white color is another option. Women can wear half-white, black, blue, maroon and brown as well.

Your office tie must be made of fine silk fabric. Again, it should be simple. Don’t use sharp colors and patterns, but slight patterns will look good. Same is for women’s scarf. Belt is a necessary part of office attire. Its color should be closely matching with your shoes. Don’t use belts other than of leather.

Shoes must be close toed and well polished and its color should look good with the color of suit. Black and brown are the best colors for office attire. Don’t use joggers like or flip-flap shoes. For women, shoes should be in low heels. Avoid high heels, flat shoes or sandals.

Women can use make-up but keep it to minimum. So much make-up looks odd and unprofessional. Women outfit are always in complete without Jewelry, but it must be simple and not funky. Avoid too many bracelets and heavy necklaces. A simple chain with a small pendent and a thin bracelet are enough. Stubs look more decent as compared to ear-rings so prefer stubs. Another important thing; don’t use colorful jewelry. Men should be limited to studs and a wedding band or a watch, but it must be tight around the wrist.

Men’s brief case and women’s hand bags must not be so trendy and colorful. Black, brown, cream or grey and color is good. Avoid fancy or ornamented hand bags.

Professional skills and qualifications are no doubt, compulsory for one’s career but dress is also very much important for one’s success; as the appearance give first impression, and first impression goes up till end, so, take care of your dressing.