Oprah’s Endorsement Boosts Weight Watchers Stocks


Oprah Winfrey is a big name, an an epitome of trust and success specially in women related issues. Women in US and European countries crazily follow and trust her. And I believe that is why Weight Watchers has chosen Oprah Winfrey for their brand endorsement. WeightWatchers is a known weight loss company.

Oprah is featured in the Weight Watchers ad, now playing on television. In the said commercial, Oprah shares her struggle and obstacles that she had to face her whole life for loosing weight. Winfrey is shown convincing her viewers and asking them to join her in overcoming this weight loss issue together.

Oprah Winfrey has 30 million followers on twitter and she also tweeted them about Weight Watchers. It is reported that WeightWatchers shares have almost tripled after Winfrey has shaken hands with them. Winfrey is the lucky charm for weight watcher. Check the commercial here.