Perfect Office Attire for Women


Being a worker, you have to follow a certain dress code policy or office attire rules made by your office or company. An office attire for both men and women should be adopted by keeping the working environment in mind. Lets discuss some office attire trends for women.

Baseline Casual Office Attire for women

If you are working in a relaxed and free environment like advertising industry or entertainment sector, where you do not have to go in meetings and public dealings for whole day then dressing up a bit casual would be fine. You can wear Smart Tees, blouses and sweaters with some nice decent denim. Suitable footwear with an office attire like this would be any comfy sandals.

Mainstream Casual Office Attire for women

Many girls work in offices as assistants, clerks, secretary etc. In such working status, your office attire should be a bit formal. For example women on such posts should wear nice combinations of tops, vests and skirts with open toe shoes in footwear. But keep in mind that too much skin show like mini skirts or shorts type dresses would look weird in office. No matter how hot it is outside. Every office or company should clear their rules regarding the types of dresses they would not tolerate as office attire.

Executive Casual Office Attire for women

Women who work on any type of executive posts where they have to attend meetings and also spend time in public dealings, their office attire should be of bright colors, nicely fitted shirts, styled skirts with good jackets with closed toe pumps would be preferred. On such business posts, wearing fashion accessories like light jewelry also looks cool and trendy.

Traditional Office Attire for women

If you work in the field of finance, accounting or law then you must follow the traditional type of office attire that includes collared dress shirts, skirts just above the knees, bright colors, black tights with high heels.


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