Rain Fashion Tips for Women


For women the most important thing is to look stylish in every season but to look stylish in rainy weather with blowing chill winds is difficult. Still one can achieve out stylish looks if one makes proper combinations and follow the latest rain fashion.Here are some useful tips on rain fashion looking stylish  if it is raining or snowing outside.

Leather items

The trendiest and the most favorite thing in rainy season are leather products and they are also available in different stuffs and colors but they are mostly used to compile women’s wardrobe. Leather made products are a good choice for a rainy day.


Parka usually having a hood and a zipper, is used to protect from severe frosts and getting wet during hunting and is made by the people of arctic region usually of silk or cotton but now a days it is been modified to be a part of women’s wardrobe.Their types are available to be worn on any occasion even on a walk with friends and are also easy to carry. When it comes to rain fashion parka jackets are best to wear.

Raincoats or Trench coats

Rain coats or trench coats are best when we talk of rain fashion. When its raining outside, a rain coat is like a shelter from getting wet. A variety of fabrics and colors are available in rain coat in which the plastic is the most used fabric and are mainly used to wear during rainy season.

rain fashion

Transparent raincoats

Plastic rain coats are available in wide range of prices and fabrics and are more demanded rather than other raincoats as they are easy to carry and give a warm feeling without sticking to body and also are good choice than parka if you want your garments to be seen.Transparent plastic raincoats are mainly used for modeling while non-transparent plastic raincoats are more in use as they also protect accessories from getting ruined.


Footwear is very important feature in dressing; choice should be made very carefully. It should be water proof or you can chose a variety of other things like high heels, platform shoes etc.For rainy weather rubber shoes is most convenient however they can also be worn on wood or on a farm. Some things should be kept in mind while choosing rubber shoes on multicolored dresses use monotone rubber shoes and choose knee-length socks emerging from your boots also if there is a elastic band on your boots, that will be great. Always use rubber shoes with a smile on your face and never use them with parka or raincoat, rubber shoes can have high heels also.

rain fashion


Umbrellas make you look to be trendy, whatever the weather is but the important thing to remember is that you use it in the correct way to enhance your looks and it should also be expensive. Umbrella walking stick makes you look like a business lady, folding umbrella adds a filtering element to your personality however transparent umbrella makes u look bad if you use it with a transparent rain coat.