Some Famous Real-Life Inspired Movie Character


The movies and characters that I am going to discuss below are truly amazing and you might have seen these movies because these movies were super doper hits of their times. Some famous characters are taken from real life and the reality may be the reason of their success.

Hanna Schmitz & Kate Winslet

Movie name: The reader

Movie Character: Ilse Koch played by Kate Winslet

Real Character: Hanna Schmitz

Hanna Schmitz is the real character that was notorious for her cruelty. She was actually master in concentration camp in 1937. She was sentenced to death because she committed crimes in camp but before that she attempted suicide in the prison. Same thing is showed in the movie too.

Kim Peek and Rain Man scene

Movie name: Rain man

Movie Character: Raymond Babbitt Played by Dustin Hoffman

Real character: Kim Peek

Kim Peek was real man who made Barry Morrow to write movie script on his life. Kim was a very brilliant and intelligent person who had sharp memory and can remember 98% of material that he had read, wrote, and watched. This amazing person could also memorize 9000 books easily.



Mehran Nasseri and Tom Hanks

Movie name: The Terminal

Movie character: Viktor Navorski played by Tom Hanks

Real character: Mehran Nasseri

Mehran Nasseri was an Irani refuge who got trapped in terminal of Paris Charles De Gaulle airport for about 18 years. After his long stay in that terminal finally he managed to escape out and returned to France. The twist in story was that Mehran’s papers were lost and he could not prove that his parents were in British.


Joaquin Murrieta & the Zorro

Movie name: Zorro/The mask of Zorro

Movie character: Don Diego de la Vega played by Antonio Banderas

Real character: Joaquin Murrieta

Johnston McCulley was inspired by real charter named as Joaquin Murrieta and his inspiration made him write a movie. Joaquin was a patriotic man lived in Mexico but he was a thief in California. Spanish royals’ people tried to kill him but failed. He was really a very brave and undaunted man whose spirits did not end up till his last breath.


Michelle Philpots & 50 First Dates

Movie name: 50 First Dates

Movie character: Lucy played by Drew Barrymore

Real Character: Michelle Philpots

Michelle was lady of 47 years but unfortunately she had gone through two serious accidents in her life that cause her memory loss. Her husband convinces her that she is married women and has two kids but she is unable to retrieve her memory. This tragic and suspense thriller had been captured in the movie that meet a great success on Hollywood screen.



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