Radar Pace Sunglasses By Oakley And Intel At CES 2016


CES 2016 has showcased numerous wildest and unusual gadgets. Oakley and Intel has also presented a previously announced  gadget, sunglasses that are not just sunglasses but interactive sunglasses that voice commands the runner. The sunglasses are named “Radar Pace”.

In the last year’s CES, Oakley and Intel had announced their plan to work on this joint venture of making smart eyewear and this year they are here at CES 2016. The smart wear Radar Pace sunglasses will be available anytime this year.

Radar Pace sunglasses would guide you about your running and cycling speed and will whisper in your ears. It will answer you the questions like “How’s my pace?” And it will guide you accurately about the speed.

The Radar Pace glasses are a bit similar to Google glass. They do have a earplug and microphone with a small sized computer on one arm. The detail like price of the gadget is not yet revealed. But will surely be told near the release of the gadget.