Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator At CES 2016


CES 2016 is rocking with amazing new technologies and gadgets covering all the domains of life. Even we have seen some useful gadgets for pets too. Samsung has showcased its latest and futuristic refrigerator named “ Family Hub“. Family Hub is in many ways different from previously launched smart fridges.

Previous smart fridges come with a tab sized screen. Family Hub by Samsung comes with 21.5 HD touch screen that almost covers the top right door of the refrigerator. It runs on the same Tizen code software as on its other smart-wears and smart TV.

What’s Unique About Family Hub

It shows weather, plays music with the speakers that are fixed in the bottom of the door. It can also be connected to the bluetooth speakers.

It can display calendars and other photos. If you love cooking, You can learn a lot of latest recipes on it.

You can do grocery shopping on Samsung refrigerator. Samsung refrigerator’s apps like FreshDirect and Shop-Rite apps will serve the user.

These are a few benefits of Samsung refrigerator. It will hopefully be launched by the spring this year. Price is not specified in CES 2016.