Samsung Galaxy S7 To Come in Three Sizes


Samsung Galaxy S7 is one of the most awaited Samsung smartphone to be released in 2016. The recent leak about the Samsung flagship is that most probably its going to be released in three different shapes and sizes. Yup! if you love the curved style smart phone like Samsung Galaxy “Edge” , Samsung Galaxy Edge is perfect for you.

If you are interested in buying a handset with large, flat display then Samsung Galaxy S7 could possibly be the best choice. And if you like to have a phablet with a bigger flat screen Samsung S7+ is there to come. Most surprisingly, Samsung Galaxy S7 is releasing in flat display of 5.1 inches as well as in a curved screen of 5.5 inches screen. And Galaxy S7+ will have a larger screen of 6 inches. Thats great. One handset in three different styles is a uniquely different idea. Galaxy S7 and S7+ release date might be after March 2016. Galaxy S7 is said to have the special feature of pressure sensitive screen like the famous 3D touch feature in Apple. We have been hearing multiple conflicting rumors about the flagship. Lets wait and watch what comes after release.